Backstage "Beauties"

Rachael Marie Jackson founded Backstage Beauty Salon in 2010. Expanding to our new location in 2016,  We not only have grown by adding many new members to our team, but we have expanded into a
Full Service Salon and Spa.

If facial plastic surgery did not cause an emotional reaction from her fans, the body plastic surgery made a real furore on the public. Nicki Minaj body chose implants of very large size, so after mammoplasty and gluteoplasty she changed her figure fundamentally. Sarcastic mockery and criticism never scared the defiant pop diva. She always wanted to attract attention. Undoubtedly, her new forms helped her in this noticeably.

Backstage Beauty Salon is a classic Vegas destination where creativity flows as our team interacts with our clients. Whether you are looking for an extreme or simple change, our highly skilled hair stylists, manicurists, estheticans, lash artists, and massage therapists will customize their techniques to perfectly suit your style. As independent contractors we all share the vision of a salon that provides the best services.

Your salon and spa experience does not end with your visit. When you leave you will have expert tips, professional products, and innovative ideas to maintain your look at home.

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